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6 Ways to Winterize Your Skin

Fall and Winter months bring holidays, yummy food, time with loved ones, and...dry skin.  As the air cools and gets drier we need to change our skin care regimen in order to combat the effects these environmental changes have on our skin.  These effects include dryness, flakiness, inflammation, itchiness, and if left untreated, cracked skin.  

Follow these 6 steps to Winterize your Skin

woman with hands on face, arrows pointing to ways to winterize skin

1. Rethink your shower

Long, hot showers remove beneficial oils that increase drying and decrease skin's elasticity.  They can also exacerbate some skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea.  Shorter, cooler showers can help keep skin balanced, calm, and moisturized, while also decreasing your water and utility consumption.  You may even find that you use less moisturizer by making this change...because your skin isn't as dry.   

2. Avoid Smoke & Fire

Who doesn't daydream about spending time with family or romantic interests by a warm, crackling fire?  Wake up!  Although sitting close to a roaring fire can feel satisfying and nostalgic, it's drying out and polluting your skin.  When you just can't say no to the roaring fire, prepare your skin by moisturizing your face, lips, and hands before, during, and after partaking in the fire festivities.  This will help to combat dryness and create a barrier against pollutants.

3. Drink Plenty of Water

Ya'll already know this.  Hydrate your skin from the inside out! Generally, adult males need about 12 cups of water per day while adult females need about 9 cups.  I know you thought it was eight, but...sorry, not sorry.  According to data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys, the average American drinks a little more than 4 cups of plain water per day.  Want to learn more, check out our blog post You Need Water.

4. Hydration (Hyaluronic Acid)

So, what's the difference between hydrating and moisturizing your skin? Hydrating involves water getting into your skin's cells.  This happens when you drink water or when your skin absorbs water from the air.  Moisturizing is about trapping and locking water in the skin.  So, it's important to have a regimen that helps to both hydrate and moisturize.  Hyaluronic Acid's natural capacity for holding water, up to 1000 times its weight – makes it an exceptional hydrating agent.  

5. Moisturizing 

We already told you what this is in #4.  You need something to lock in all of that absorbed water.  Lock it in with butters, oils, moisturizing serums, and creams. 

6. UV Protection   

Yes, the sun is out, even though you don't really see it or feel it.  In the Fall and Winter we may think we don't need as much UV protection...think again.  All that diffuse sunlight is still going to town on your skin.  Make sure  not to drop this important part of any skincare regimen.  

Not sure which products to use to Winterize your Skin? 

First...drink some water

Second...turn down the hot water in your shower

Third...check out the Winterize Your Skin Collection from Cole+Jade. 




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