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Benefits of Lymphatic Facial Massage

If you love getting body massages, why not give it a try on your face!  Many people swear by the results of lymphatic facial massage, but what is it?  

When you use light pressure combined with specific motions you're performing lymphatic massage.   

Your lymphatic system mirrors your circulatory system and helps your body bring good vibes (manage fluid balance, fight infection, and deliver nutrients) to hard working cells and take away the bad ones (toxins and impurities).

Face and shoulders of African-American Woman with lines on her face showing the directions of lymphatic drainage.  Text reads lymphatic facial massage, Use  The Ritual and your favorite Cole+Jade  serum to enhance the benefits

Just like your circulatory systems uses blood, the lymphatic system uses lymph.  Lymph contains oxygen, glucose, amino acids, and other vital nutrients,  feeding our cells and helping them function.  
Research has shown a link between sagging skin and impaired lymphatic function, but more research needed to clinically prove all of the benefits of lymphatic massage.  
Lymphatic Massage Cole+Jade Natural Beauty Plant-Based
If you have sensitive skin, inflamed acne, or any other skin health concerns, speak to your health care provider before getting started.
Performing Lymphatic Massage with The Ritual
1. Cleanse your face with Cole+Jade Vivid Cleansing Oil 
2. Apply 1-2 pumps of your favorite Cole+Jade serum to your skin...we suggest our Twilight Clarifying Serum for it's skin calming properties.
3. Wipe any excess serum from your hands
4. Using The Ritual massage wand, use light pressure and begin by using the flat side to sweep from the middle of the forehead outward, then use the ball to massage at the brow line, use the curved side to massage the cheeks, starting near the nose and moving outward.  Continue using the ball to apply focused, light pressure pressure in circular motion to the middle of the forehead.  
5. Watch the video below for more massage methods using The Ritual


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